Cycling from Finland to Indonesia

Emil Hvidtfeldt

My original plan after returning home from Greenland was to save up a ton of cash and go climbing on a 7000 meter peak. I'm hugely fascinated by mountaineering, but the expenses of high-altitude climbing are massive. Curious as to how people were able to go on major mountain expeditions time after time, I began researching expedition funding. The best advice I stumbled upon was (though slightly demotivating) to simply choose a different type of adventure - the cheapest one being cycle-touring. And just like that, I had a plan for the next couple of years. Now, a few moths later, I am even more excited about this project than my original plan.

Of course though, you do need a bit of cash to go cycling long-term, so for now I'm saving up my money working full time in daycare. I plan on setting off towards the end of April 2018, and plan on spending at least a year cycling mostly solo and unsupported towards Southeast Asia. Inspiration for the trip comes from people such as Jamie McDonald, Tim Moss and Henk Van Dillen, who have all created amazing blogs on their cycle-touring adventures. My goal is to end up south of the equator in Indonesia. I'll explain the thoughts behind the route soon enough. 

Talking about future posts, here's what to expect. I'm driven by curiousity, and truly enjoy reading about adventure in all of its forms. I enjoy hearing about the details of grand adventures that only the participants themselves know of. At the same time, I love sharing my own stories and photos, and this will be the way for me to do so. I've been at the logistics for a while already, but for the next couple of months I'll be writing about the pre-departure planning that goes into a trip like this. While on the road I'll be updating the blog a few times a month, depending on the sort of technology available. If possible, I'll upload some videos to go with it all. I want the blog to be inspirational but transparent, so if I'm miserable sleeping in a ditch, I'll let you know... Goes for the great times aswell!

I'll be riding for a charity called the Association for Greenlandic Children - more about that in the next post.

That's it for now. Check out some photos from my previous trips and subscribe to the newsletter. That way I'll let you know when the next post is ready.

- Emil