These are just a few of the more memorable trips I have been on so far. Also, in order to stay true to the name of the site, I have only included trips that have been slightly unusual in character. Unless otherwise noted, all photos are taken by me.



In the spring of 2016, I went to Nepal to attempt the summit of Mera Peak (6461 masl). Despite some pretty bad altitude sickness with vomiting and so on, I eventually made it to the summit! Probably not the most responsible thing to do, but there we go. Having more than enough spare time in Kathmandu, I went to the Annapurna Region and hiked to Poon Hill. 



Calling my time on Greenland a "trip" might be a bit misleading. For the best part of a year (Aug. 2016 - Sept. 2017), I lived in the small town of Sisimiut, 50 km north of the arctic circle on the greenlandic west coast. I spent my days dogsledding, snowmobiling and shooting guns. Oh, and I studied a bit aswell... In many aspects, it turned out to be a defining part of my life, leaving me restless, hungering for new adventure.


Chamonix, France

I went to chamonix to attempt climbing Mont Blanc on a budget, but had to give up my hopes due to unfortunate weather... Nevertheless, I had a great trip and made it on a couple lesser, but sketchy, summits! After camping out 14 days of rain, eating cereal from a paper bowl in a car park, I gave up on Mont Blanc to enjoy the summer in Denmark instead. 


The Faroe Islands

In January 2018, a friend and I spent a week on the Faroe Islands. By hiking, hitching and driving ourselves, we made our way around the islands checking out some of the sights. In spite of somewhat difficult weather conditions, we pitched our tent wherever possible to keep down expenses. Though very small in size, the islands presented some of the most dramatic nature I have ever experienced. Truly an awesome destination!



In April 2018 I spent two weeks exploring the city of Lagos in Nigeria on the occasion of my sister's wedding. With the help of local friends and family, we managed to experience everything from life in the slum of Makoko, to billionaire mansions on Banana Island. The contrast within this single city is beyond anything I've experienced before. My visit to Lagos made for my first trip in Africa, and now I can't wait to see more.



To me, portraits are an interesting way to capture foreign cultures, and that is why I have gotten into shooting them. Even so, I find that portraits are some of the most challenging photos to capture. All of these shots have been taken spontaneously, with nothing but the natural surroundings and lighting to work with. I will be uploading new portraits on this page as I capture them for the rest of my travels.